Jesus said, "If anyone wants to come with Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Me" (Luke 9:23). These lessons will help you understand and practice the various Christian disciplines, laying a foundation for your personal walk with God in love for Him and others while developing a lifestyle of faithful and fruitful obedience.

How to use these lessons

1. Secure an easy-to-read Bible to use with your study. Also, keep a pencil or pen handy for notes and to answer the questions. We recommend that you download each individual lesson, print them out and assemble into a notebook.

2. Choose a convenient time and place to have your daily study (e.g., before breakfast in the kitchen.) Whatever works best for you right now.

3. The purpose of these lessons is to help you discover the truth in Scripture. Read the questions carefully, turn to the Scripture references, and read them.

4. Think about the answers and write them down. Remember, there are no trick questions. This is strictly a personal learning tool.

5. Find a mature Christian in your church and ask them if they would help you work through these lessons, or ask us! We'd love to work through them with you.

Lesson 1

The Gospel

Lesson 2

Repentance and Faith

Lesson 3

Assurance of Salvation

Lesson 4

Abide in the Word part 1

Lesson 5

Abide in the Word part 2

Lesson 6


Lesson 7

The Attributes of God part 1

Lesson 8

The Attributes of God part 2

Lesson 9

Delighting in God

Lesson 10

Obeying Jesus

Lesson 11

Overcoming Temptation

Lesson 12

Walking by the Spirit

Lesson 13

Practicing the "one-anothers"

Lesson 14

Committing to the local church

Lesson 15

 The Use of Your Time

Lesson 16

Money and Possessions

Lesson 17


Lesson 18


Lesson 19


Lesson 20

Spiritual Gifts

Lesson 21


Lesson 22

 The Cost of Discipleship

Lesson 23

Disciples Making Disciples

Lesson 24

Catching a World Vision